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Lines and Lining

Tennis court lines and lining
Features of our court lines

The game of tennis depends on accurately marked lines and lining. Neill Newport provides a quality sports marking service. We are experienced tennis court builders and can lay precise markings, lines and lining on your tennis court.

  • Crisp, clear lines
  • Two pack polyurethane, epoxy, chlorinated rubber and emulsion paints
  • Wide colour range
  • Machine or hand painted
  • High degree of accuracy
  • High-quality colour
Court line application and process

The playing lines can be applied either by hand or by specialist lining machines. Hand painted lines are usually acrylic. Because the paint is being forced into the gaps between the stones by the paint brush or roller, it gives a different finish to the rest of the court. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, too much paint can shrink causing cracking along both sides of the line. In our opinion, sprayers who do not use machines to spray lines lack the confidence to keep the machine straight. We normally spray the lines using specialist lining paint through specialist machines. This gives a consistent finished appearance to the court surface.

Acrylic tennis court paint is a water based emulsion. Because of this it is imperative that spraying is only carried out in good weather. Our experience leads us to believe that temperatures need to be 9C and above. The paint manufacturers maintain that surfaces can be painted at 5C but we find that this can dramatically shorten the life expectancy of the paint. The surface needs to be dry or almost dry and there needs to be a period of dry weather for several hours after colouring. The paint can re-absorb moisture through the damp nights even though it may not have rained. Curing can take several days for the paint to reach its’ optimum hardness. During the hottest part of summer, this can be reduced to 24 hours.

Life expectancy of the paint can be as much as 8 years or as little as 4 years, with a gradual decline in appearance and performance during that time.

Life expectancy can depend on the following:
  • Location
  • Quality of the materials
  • Quality of the workmanship
  • Correct usage
  • Correct footwear
  • Maintenance

Polyurethane paints are much more expensive and according to the paint manufacturers, can be sprayed at lower temperatures. This allegedly allows contractors to apply this paint in winter. Our experience leads us to believe that these paints do not adhere to the surface if there is the slightest hint of dampness either to the surface or in the air. Therefore we do not promote the use of these paints.

For over 30 years, we have been working on different sports courts and have been consistently providing our customers with excellent and professional services at competitive rates. Get your free quote today. Contact us for more details.